Technical Data

• Output channels: 8 (4 channels x 2 groups)

• Output voltage: 48Vdc or 24Vdc

• Output current: 700mA max (per channel)

• Max power:
_ 240 W 48Vdc PSU
_ 120 W 24Vdc PSU

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DRIVENET is a line of digital power supplies and controllers for large networks of LED projectors. Designed to supply, control and monitor LED networks centrally and remotely, DRIVENET units offer total flexibility and absolute reliability. With a range of 10 different models, DRIVENET provides effective solutions tailored to the most complex and demanding lighting installations, whether indoors, outdoors or underwater.
DRIVENET 28C DIN is a full-range AC 90-260V 50-60Hz LED controller for installation on DIN rails electrical panels. The unit features 8 channels outputs (4 channels x 2 groups) and can control “Current Driven” LED projectors in various combinations. DRIVENET 28C DIN features screw terminals connectors, a seven-segment display and can be remote-controlled with DMX 512, RDM or DALI standard communication protocol.