5.600K daylight LED – Powerful daylight

ROXX® Entertainment SHOW Series offers very high performance, weatherproof
fi xtures and features Single-Source-LEDs that produce an incredibly smooth
lighting and uniform colors, providing a solution for any requirement. The LED
variations range from a Tunable White over to a Full Color to a pure Tungsten and
up to a Daylight version. Each one reaching an exceptionally good light quality
with high CRI / TLCI and a massive light luminosity.
The E.SHOW D (Daylight) convinces with incredibly natural reproducted colors
and skin tones due to the 200W warm daylight with 5.600 Kelvin color tempe-
rature. With a service life of 50.000 hours and an enormous 13.500 lm luminous
fl ux this powerful daylight is the perfect fi xture for trade fairs, theatre, broadcast
and fi lm. Thanks to the specially developed ROXX® R.LOK technology, the len-
ses can be changed easily and without any tools. This allows the beam angle
to be conveniently adjusted, whether from 24°, 36°, 54° or elliptical 21°x27° and
In addition to DMX and RDM control, Lumenradio‘s latest Wireless DMX techno-
logy (CRMX) enables wireless as well as fl exible control plus integrating a Blue-
tooth interface allows direct controlling via unique ROXX.APP without additional
hardware. Covering all possible requirements, the fi xture includes an extensive
range of accessories including 8-Way Barndoor, Honey Comb, Anti-Glare Shield,
various lenses, Gel Frame, Omega Bracket and a specially developed Snapbag®
and Snapgrid® by DoPchoice for an extremely even illumination of motifs in front
of the camera.
  • 200W
  • 13.500lm luminous flux
  • CRI / TLCI 98
  • IP65 In/Outdoor