Single-Source LED – Intense colors & variable white

ROX X® Enter tainment SHOW Series offers very high per formance, weather-
proof fi xtures and features Single-Source-LEDs that produce an incredibly
smooth lighting and uniform colors, providing a solution for any requirement.
The LED variations range from a Tunable White over to a Full Color to a pure
Tungsten and up to a Daylight version. Each one reaching an exceptionally
good light quality with high CRI / TLCI and a massive light luminosity. The
E.SHOW FC (Full Color) convinces with very strong, saturated colors and gre-
at white light quality. The RGBL LED produces a super balanced and luminous
light without any color shadows. The addition of lime closes the gap between
RGB, thus extending the color spectrum and improving the white light quality.
ROX X® Color Calibration performs color matching across the entire range to
ensure consistent colors throughout all fi xtures and excellent whites as defi –
ned by the black body curve. Thanks to the specially developed ROXX® R.LOK
technology, the lenses can be changed easily and without any tools. This all-
ows the beam angle to be conveniently adjusted, whether from 17°, 35°, 59°
or elliptical 16°x24° and 18°x57°. In addition to DMX and RDM control, Lumen-
radio‘s latest Wireless DMX technology (CRMX) enables wireless as well as
fl exible control plus integrating a Bluetooth interface allows direct controlling
via unique ROXX.APP without additional hardware. Covering all possible re-
quirements, the fi xture includes an extensive range of accessories including
8-Way Barndoor, Honey Comb, Anti-Glare Shield, various lenses, Gel Frame,
Omega Bracket and a specially developed Snapbag® and Snapgrid® by DoP-
choice for an extremely even illumination of motifs in front of the camera.
  • 230W / 4 color LED
  • 9.000lm luminous flux
  • IP65 In/Outdoor