For the use of the PixlStripOne, the PixlConverter is inserted between the PixlDrive1 or PixlDrive8Pro and the PixlStripOne, introducing automatic pixel count (6 leds equal 1 pixel) and auto addressing, together with KLSTR-functionalities if combined with the Pd8P. The PixlStripOne can be combined on a Pixldrive1 or PixlDrive8 together with the Blackwave. Colors on both PixlStripOne and Blackwave have been synchronized to the maximum, for ultimate flexibility and compatibility. Connection to the PixlConverter can’t go wrong: Blackwave is 4-pin, PixlStripOne is 3-pin.

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• PixlBus Technology
• Controls Lucenti Pixl-products
• Auto setup: detection of number of connected pixels
• Output current measurement
• Output current protection
• Up to 16 PixlConverters (max 200w and 30m of extension cable in total) can be daisy-chained