The PixlStripOne is a flexible re-usable strip for both indoor and outdoor use (IP65, full silicone coating). It comes in 4 different lenghts (120/240/480 and 960cm), with the according clip-on filters (Blackwave style) and a clip-in aluminum black profile and the necessary mounting hardware (wall mount bracket, fixing tape etc ..).

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• RGBW Outdoor IP66 leds, full silicone coating
• White 6000k
• PixlBus technology
• Pixel (6 leds) controlled over Lucenti PixlConverter
• Auto address and pixel count function
• Up to 20m combined on a single PixlDrive1 or PixlDrive8 Pro output (200w) with 1 PixlConverter
• Interchangeable clip-on pmma opaque or stealth filters on the black Lucenti aluminium profile for PixlstripOne
• Up to 60m cable distance between PixlDrive output and last led


120cm, 240cm, 480cm, 960cm