Cluster S1

  • High-power, pixel-mappable hybrid strobe / washlight
  • 720 x RGB LED´s & 288 x CW LED´s creating massive output
  • Each 26x controllable segments on RGB and individual strobe lines
  • Full color mixing & tuneable white with high CRI
  • Large number of build-in patterns for fast and simple way of creating stunning effects
  • IP65 rated for Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Integrated C-Lok system for toolfree and seamless CLUSTER setups
  • Pre-Link Magnets for easy aligning and “one-handed” operation
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Featuring 720 RGB LEDs and 288 CW LEDs, the CLUSTER S1 delivers a massive output that captivates any audience. With 26 controllable segments on both RGB and individual strobe lines, you have unparalleled control over your lighting environment. Experience seamless transitions and breathtaking effects with the continuous pixel pitch between CLUSTER S1 and S2 devices.

Enhance your visual repertoire with optional magnetic filters, enabling distinctive effects tailored to every light show and camera application. With multiple mounting locations, including creative rigging options and floor mounting, the S1 offers incredible flexibility in setup.

Enjoy smooth, perfect fades with 16-bit dimming control, while adjustable PWM frequencies up to 25kHz guarantee flicker-free camera operation, ensuring your visuals remain flawless in any recording scenario.