Soprano 5 HQS

  • Multi chip LED Source
  • Superior white light quality and precise color rendering
  • Extensive colour palette, wide range of pastel colors
  • Linear CCT
  • Noise management
  • Green – Magenta linear balance, for a natural reproduction of any skin tone
  • Interchangeable optics
    • 15°-30° linear zoom
    • 21°-46° linear zoom
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SOPRANO 5 HQS is the new high-power ellipsoidal fixture in the DTS portfolio. The product features an innovative Italian design and a zoom barrel that can be applied to any LED source in the Soprano range. Thanks its multi-chip source, this conventional projector offers superior light quality, both white, with an optimal color rendering up to 98, and in color creation.
As for their framing system, the four blades equipped on Soprano’s optics are fixed within the body of the barrel itself so that the user can never lose them. Framing distortion is at a minimum, with a projection quality that rivals any modern spot/profile moving head.
To meet the needs of theater and television locations, Soprano allows noise control with 4 fan management modes up to 26dBA.