Tenore 5 HQS

  • Multi chip LED Source
  • Ø 175 mm Fresnel lens
  • Superior white light quality and precise color rendering
  • Extensive colour palette, wide range of pastel colors
  • Linear CCT
  • Noise management
  • Green – Magenta linear balance, for a natural reproduction of any skin tone
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TENORE 5 HQS is the un-conventional evolution to the conventional series of static LED lights. With a lumen output up to 9,300 lm, Tenore 5 HQS represents a perfect example of
uncompromising professional lighting performance.
Thanks its multi-chip source, this conventional projector offers superior light quality, both white, with an optimal color rendering up to 98, and in color creation. The HQS mark (High Quality Spectrum – DTS trademark) is for DTS a guarantee of the ability to generate quality whites, a wider color palette with a range of pastel shades and rich warm nuances.
To meet the needs of theater and television locations, Tenore allows noise control with 4 fan management modes up to 26dBA.