Tenore and Soprano are the ultimate addition to DTS’s family of conventional LED projectors.
Offering a wide range of sources for spot and profile, from high-quality fixed white LEDs to the outstanding white and color management by DTS, these two new families of static fixtures are set to become the new standard.

Conventional renewing

Tenore and Soprano are the result of a careful research and development work conducted over the past year by DTS. Their release aims to reflect the new way of doing business of the Italian company, giving priority to listening to the market and giving value to the Made in Italy brand.

These new fixtures enter the DTS portfolio renewing and completing the whole range of conventional spot and ellipsoidal projectors. The wide offer being launched on the market includes over 30 variations that guarantee maximum choice all-around any project.

Engineered and developed in Italy

Engineered and developed in Italy, both series come in two different power rating and five source variants.
As what regards the Tenore line, comprising spot/flood fixtures, all projectors can be equipped with a Fresnel lens or an anti-halo (PC) lens, with either a diameter of 130 mm or a 150/175 mm, based on their power.
The Soprano series, a range made of new generation ellipsoidal projectors, comes with interchangeable optics. To ensure maximum versatility, the optical barrels can be used across all power tiers and LED sources.

A complete range

Tenore and Soprano come equipped with either white LEDs (warm, neutral, and cold), HDW tunable white source, and HQS source (fit with 6-color LED) so to have both maximum brightness or maximum color fidelity.

The complexity of both Tenore and Soprano are housed within a modern and original design, different from anything you’ve ever seen on the market. Their minimalist, versatile and ergonomic bodies it’s a Made in Italy patented design. Thanks to the upper connector panels, a clean installation can be done when hanging from a truss.
On the other hand, a comfortable and easy-to-use jog wheel has been designed for manual control.

Noise level control

With four different fan modes, it is possibile to have a broad control over Tenore and Soprano noise levels.
High quality fans reduce the air friction at a minimum, for a really silent operation. When choosing the
Ultra-Silent mode, brightness is only slightly reduced thanks to a high efficiency lumen/watts ratio of all

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